Zest Bomb
Zest bomb
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Juice 1.50
Quantity 3
Value PokoIconx70
Weight 5
Max Carriers 10
Location Tropical Wilds
Garden of Hope
Distant Tundra
Zest Bomb (カボストニタリヨタリ, Just Like a Kabosu) is a lime found in Pikmin 3. Kabosu is a Japan-originating citrus fruit with green exterior. 

It gives you 1 and a half bottles of Juice. The Zest Bomb can be found in the Tropical Wilds, the Garden of Hope, and the Distant Tundra.

How to Obtain

Tropical Wilds

The fruit is held inside a Peckish Aristocrab located in the large, shallow body of water filled with Yellow Wollywogs and with nearby Fiery Blowhogs. Killing the Aristocrab gives it out.

Garden of Hope

Near the path to the Armored Mawdad's arena is a side area with two sets of scales. The first, simpler set contains the fruit on a cliff. Reaching it requires tossing one commander and at least five Pikmin on one scale, with seven or more Pikmin on the other scale, and having the thrown commander, in turn throw them to it.

Distant Tundra

The last Zest Bomb can only be obtained once Charlie is rescued from the Vehemoth Phosbat. By throwing two captains up to where the Dodge Whistle is and throwing one of the two captains among Bounce Mushrooms behind the Dawn Pustules leads the thrown captain and Pikmin to an area with a Haystack, a buried Citrus Lump, and two Bearded Amprats, with a path behind them. Along the path are the snowballs fired by an Arctic Cannon Larva. Arriving at the area with the Arctic Cannon Larva reveals the Zest Bomb trapped in a Crystal behind the Lithopod, which can only be destroyed by Rock Pikmin.


Brittany's Note

"This one's sour but smells really nice. I wonder if the juice would work as a deodorant? I also wonder if we can spare a little for the experiment? Finally, I wonder if the Captain would notice if I doused him in it while his back was turned?"


  • Brittany's notes are the same in the American and European copies of the game.


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