Yellow Bulborb NL

Yellow Mecha Bulborbs are another class of mechanical Bulborbs fought in Pikmin Adventure. These ones, in particular, are essentially mechanized versions of Dwarf Bulbears.


Yellow Mecha Bulborbs are slightly larger than their red counterparts, and are capable of dealing more damage. To defeat them, the player can either attack the weak spots on their sides, or, in the smaller variations, attack the weak spots on their heads.

Yellow Mecha Bulborbs, in addition to their basic melee biting attack, are capable of spewing orbs of water that ensnares players, rendering them helpless and useless until they are freed. If a player is trapped in a water bubble, they can be freed by having other Pikmin attack them. Unlike other types of Mecha Bulborbs, Yellows have the ability to charge at players which will instantly kill smaller Pikmin and damage larger ones. However, they have difficulty changing direction while charging, so this attack isn't too difficult to avoid.

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