Xenoflora Series
Theme Seeds and Leaves
Treasure Hoard Numbers 17 - 22
Treasures 6
Locations Awakening Wood, Wistful Wild, Snagret Hole, Shower Room, Hole of Heroes

The Xenoflora Series is the third series in Pikmin 2 that consists of six treasures based around plant life. The treasures in this series are numbered from 17 to 22. They are found in a number of different areas above and below ground. The name "Xenoflora" means "alien plant." The treasures consist of a variety of seeds and leaves from different species of plants.

Ship's Announcement

"You've collected the Xenoflora Series! Botanists will fog their spectacles over these wonders."


  • The series' total Poko value is 240 Pokos.