White Goodness
Thumb whitegoodness
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 38
Series Sweet Tooth Series
Value PokoIconx60
Weight 8
Max Carriers 16
Location Glutton's Kitchen

The White Goodness is a treasure in Pikmin 2. It is actually a white chocolate truffle drizzled with what appears to be black chocolate syrup. It is found on Sublevel 4 of the Glutton's Kitchen, and is sometimes found on a ledge. When on the ground, Breadbugs will attempt to swindle it from the Pikmin's grasp.


Olimar's Journal

"What a momentous discovery!! I found an amazing cavern that burrows deep below the Perplexing Pool. The ground was littered with enticing snacks! I've named this scrumptious cavern the Glutton's Kitchen. It was obviously once a shrine to the culinary gods."

Sales Pitch

"No dreams? Take love. No love? Take sweets! This is the most potent item in the sweet tooth series."

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