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Nemuri snap
An overview map of the area.

The Valley of Repose is an area in Pikmin 2. It is a snowy area that harbors little amounts of flora aboveground. This is the first area of the game and represents the Winter season. Olimar will discover a group of Red Pikmin in this level and start collecting treasures. It is a fairly good place to grow Pikmin, but not as good as the Awakening Wood.

When the rocket first lands here, it hits a tree branch on the way down, but lands safely. A closer look, however, reveals that Louie fell out of the cockpit. This part of the game acts as a tutorial, but after the first two days, it acts like all other levels. In this area, there are PokoIconx990 worth of treasures.

General layout

Pikmin 2 valley of repose
A map of Valley of Repose.

The western region of the Valley of Repose is used as a tutorial for the first day. The lake past the Emergence Cave is impossible to cross without the help of Blue Pikmin to break down the gate and drain the lake. Past the lake and a small creek inhabited by Water Dumples is a wide open stretch of pavement where the bulk of the area's enemies are. The paths towards the east lead to the other caves here. The surface shows signs of a road, with a manhole, white bars similar to a crosswalk, and a curb. A couple of large snowmen introduce a further human element.

0practice all shadow s3tc
The level shadow found in the games code.
HorrificBritAdded by HorrificBrit

Below is the entire level shadow outline. Leaf-less trees and a power line are clearly visible.

Valley of Repose Music

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  • Part of the map reveals through the snow, a cross-walk area, seen in cities.
  • There are snowmen all over, despite no civilized life on the planet.
  • It is speculated that the Valley of Repose does indeed resemble the Forest Navel. However, many areas have been snowed over.
  • The Valley of Repose is the only area in Pikmin 2 to not have an electric gate.

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