Valley of Repose
01 Site Valley of Repose
Game Pikmin 2
How to Unlock Automatically unlocked
Pikmin Discovered Red Pikmin, Purple Pikmin
Hazards Water, Crushing, Poison
Treasures 7 (click)
Caves 3 (click)

The Valley of Repose is an area in Pikmin 2. It is a snowy area that harbors little amounts of flora aboveground. This is the first area of the game and represents the Winter season. Olimar will discover a group of Red Pikmin in this level and start collecting treasures. It is a fairly good place to grow Pikmin, but not as good as the Awakening Wood.

The first cave found here, The Emergence Cave, is also where the Olimar discovers Purple Pikmin.

When the rocket first lands here, it hits a tree branch on the way down, but lands safely. A closer look, however, reveals that Louie fell out of the cockpit. This part of the game acts as a tutorial, but after the first two days, it acts like all other levels. In this area, there are PokoIconx990 worth of treasures.

General layout

Pikmin 2 valley of repose

A map of Valley of Repose.

The western region of the Valley of Repose is used as a tutorial for the first day. The lake past the Emergence Cave is impossible to cross without the help of Blue Pikmin to break down the gate and drain the lake. Past the lake and a small creek inhabited by Water Dumples is a wide open stretch of pavement where the bulk of the area's enemies are. The paths towards the east lead to the other caves here. The surface shows signs of a road, with a manhole, white bars similar to a crosswalk, and a curb. A couple of large snowmen introduce a further human element.

0practice all shadow s3tc

The level shadow found in the games code.

Below is the entire level shadow outline. Leaf-less trees and a power line are clearly visible.

Pikmin 2 Valley of Repose

Pikmin 2 Valley of Repose

Valley of Repose Overview

Valley of Repose Music

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The Forest Navel-Valley Of Repose Debate


Most Pikmin fans are familiar with the fact that in Pikmin and Pikmin 2 the areas in the first game are transformed into newer, remixed counterparts. And while most of the areas in Pikmin make a return in Pikmin 2, one seemingly is absent, the Forest Navel, the dank, dark cave area from the original game. Or is it? There's a continuing debate that has never been resolved fully, if the Forest Navel is indeed the Valley of Repose. While some make arguments over and over again pointing out similarities that the opposing side says aren't there. Many more similarities and differences than what is usually discussed. Provided are some key components of this debate. Please look through and decide for yourselves.

Since I'm not sure how that image came out, and just for convenience I will bullet the points in this image.

  • First a note that the image of the Forest Navel is mirrored vertically, this is due to the mirrored version is best compared to the Valley Of Repose like this.
  • The manhole where one finds the Utter Scrap and the bulborbs is somewhere around where one would fight the Puffstool in Pikmin
  • The watery area where one must use Blue Pikmin to build a bridge for the rest of the Pikmin in the Valley of Repose is roughly in the same area where the lake in the top right of the Forest Navel that has the bottles, Wollywogs, and the Anti-Dioxin Filter. One could speculate that it's been corroded enough to have made divots and land forms in it.
  • The two little bumps at the eastern end of the Valley of Repose where the Frontier Cavern is. This could be a some of the ridges that are in the Forest Navel, I.E. where the Blue Onion is found in Pikmin.
  • Although a bit far fetched, another revived area is the Emergence Cave and it's surrounding area, could be where the Gravity Jumper and the bomb rocks are found in the Forest Navel. Yet this is highly unlikely due to geographical differences as it's too low to the rest of the map and also shifted a bit off from the area.
  • Another potential area revival is where one finds the Libra in Pikmin, if the little island is slightly shifted more closely to the main land form, it could be a reasonable match to the corresponding area of the Valley of Repose. But once again, this is unlikely due to the pure unlikeliness of the entire concept.
  • This theory has no explanation for the creation of the landing area of the Valley of Repose in Pikmin 2, only that it's an entirely new area of land in the game.
  • Also, the area where one finds the Fiery Bulblax in Pikmin 2 has striking similarities to the boss arena of Beady Long Legs in Pikmin.

Video Guide

Pikmin 2 Valley of Repose Complete Treasure Guide-0

Pikmin 2 Valley of Repose Complete Treasure Guide-0



  • Part of the map reveals through the snow, a cross-walk area, seen in cities.
  • There are snowmen all over, despite no civilized life on the planet.
  • It is speculated that the Valley of Repose does indeed resemble the Forest Navel. However, many areas have been snowed over.
  • The Valley of Repose is the only area in Pikmin 2 to not have an electric gate.