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Utter Scrap
Thumb utterscrap
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 63
Series Cook's Arsenal Series
Value PokoIconx170
Weight 35
Max Carriers 45
Location Valley of Repose

The Utter Scrap or "Tokoton Sukurappu" (とことんスクラップ) is a crushed soda can that is the second treasure found in Pikmin 2. Its brand is debatable, but it appears to be a 250ml can with the letters 'O', 'N' and 'E' visible. It is in the Valley of Repose and its location is blocked by a bag which requires 35 Pikmin to deflate. In the area behind the bag, there is a Dwarf Red Bulborb and sleeping Red Bulborb with the Utter Scrap in the far corner.


Olimar's Notes

"The area we recently touched down in is blanketed with a fresh layer of frozen precipitation. As tranquil and relaxing as it is, I named it the Valley of Repose. Using Pikmin to move obstacles, I was able to open up some new areas to exploration, where I found this hunk of metal."

Sales Pitch

"Throw this flimsy piece of scrap metal out! ...Or can garbage this banal become a work of art?"


  • The texture on this Treasure depicts the word ONE and a arrow pointing up. this could translate to 1UP a common term in video games from the "retro" era, most notably the Super Mario Bros. games.

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