I want to see people suggest new enemys for pikmin games because exploring your mind could reveal enemy ideas like flying wollywogs or burrowing bulborbs or dissapearing dweevils! please leave a comment to share your wonderful ideas but do not forget killing stratergys or familys but you can create your own enemy family if you want!


rainbow spectralid

spectralid family

gives 10 pikmin weighs 1 pikmin extremly rare found in spectraleaf worth 6 pokos simply throw a pikmin on it.

remeber a plant, pikmin, hazard, obsticale or area counts if its a pikmin describe its abilites and if an area describe its look and say its enemys and plants like,

Dwarf Red Bulborb 16x (64 after day 64)

Dandelion 230x Thank you if you posted your idea! Peace out, Xztc2573.

hope you have a creative mind!!! Pikmin ideas wiki is for this.

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