aka Master Shuckle

  • I live in Japan
  • I was born on September 12
  • My occupation is Nintendo Dude
  • I am Inkling
  • Xraypikmin

    Precise information about the UE7!

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  • Xraypikmin

    Hello My name is Michael and I'am a video game reporter for many diffrent websites and after reveiwing the Pikmin 3 demo at E3 for an extended interveiw lasting thirty minutes. The controls are tight and nice. The graphics are supreme compared to the Xbox and PlayStation 3. The Pikmin are more unified as a group, as to the previous installments. This allowed the new “rush” attack to be affective, as well as the new “dodge roll” feature as seen in the Super Smash Bros. series. No longer are the C stick available and the down D-pad group movement. After playing Pikmin for over 10 years I am very excited to see what Nintendo has in store for the Pikmin universe.

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