• TheDark ONES1's

    Pikmin 4 is confirmed by Shigiru Miamoto and all we have so far is speculation, so here is my ideas for pikmin 4 let's begin. (PLOT) Now we will be starting in a forest just like the other pikmin games now I think we will have a new crew maybe a group of people looking to make money and a name for themselves after hearing of the success of others going to PNF-404, but their ship stalls causing them to have a rough landing. Or we could only be playing as Louie who is trying to get off the planet. (AREAS) Now the forest we start off in could every a rough terrain and a new hazard, rain why rain well it would make it harder for you to get what you need and make you strategize instead of swarming now the rain wouldn't start off on the first da…

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