Okay, just for starters, my Wii, as some of you possibly know, doesn't work. It can't read any game discs, so I can only play the games locked in my Wii's memory, so I can't try to pull this glitch off again, so I was wondering if you guys could try to do it to experience it and we could add it to the glitch page.

Anyways, to the story.

In New Play Control! Pikmin (I don't know if this glitch will work in the GCN one because I don't own it), I was in the Forest Navel. I went down to fight the puffstool for the ship part. As you know, its lair is guarded by Shearwigs, M. Sheargrubs, and a Wollywog. Anyways, I killed them all and left their carcasses laying on the ground. So, long story short, I killed the Puffstool. With my Pikmin, I ordered my Pikmin to carry both the Omega Stabilizer and the Puffstool's body up to camp. As they got to the battleground where I fought the Shearwigs/grubs and Wollywogs, the Pikmin carrying the spoils pushed past the carcasses. The ship part-carrying Pikmin went through with relative ease, but the Puffstoll carrying pikmin bounced around the carcasses, and all of a sudden... Poof. The Puffstool and the Pikmin carrying it were gone. They vanished. I noticed that the pikmin count had dropped, so it wase a fate similar to the crush glitch. I didn't restart the day (It was an early playthrough where I didn't really care too much about death).

Anyways, I went back up to camp to get more Pikmin. I stopped by the Yellow Onion and pulled out a few to make up for the loss, but to my surprise, no Pikmin came out. The game made the noises as if Pikmin were, in fact, coming out, but no Pikmin were seen and no Pikmin were being added to my count. I checked the onion to see what happened. The onion's population dropped, but my group numbers didn't rise. They just vanished like the Puffstool Pikmin. I remember trying to see if the other Onions worked, but I don't remember if they did or not...

Anyways, the point I was trying to make is that there is another glitch that isn't on this wiki, but I don't have any videos showing it and I haven't found any other person who has experienced this glitch, so I would feel off adding it to the glitch list (I'm guessing someone would remove it). 

So I'm wondering if anyone here would want to see if they could pull off that glitch to clarify that glitch as existant. (I would try to pull it off, but my Wii doesn't work)

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