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    Dead Links

    June 4, 2014 by StuperStar

    As many of the more veteran editors know, we deleted a lot of the small obstacle pages and merged them into one. Same with the beta topics.

    However, as we deleted them and merged them into one page, that left templates, and links from pages to be dead. the character template lists Character D as a character and if you click on it, you'd be asked if you want to create a page titled "Character D."

    I propose that we all try to rid this wiki of links to now nonexistant pages. That, sadly, means that we must search through all the pages and look for mentions of obstacles or topics that have been merged. And changing some templates too. I was never a huge fan of the page merging to begin with but since we did it, we must cleanse pages and template…

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  • StuperStar

    Character D

    September 15, 2013 by StuperStar

    Okay, who deleted the Character D page, and why?

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  • StuperStar

    Well, Here it is. Pikmin 3, according to Nintendo, is selling well and driving Wii U sales. Hope for the console has been heightened for me. 

    Please, let this game be a success here in the USA. PLEASE.

    What do you guys think?

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  • StuperStar

    Glitch I Found

    June 23, 2013 by StuperStar

    Okay, just for starters, my Wii, as some of you possibly know, doesn't work. It can't read any game discs, so I can only play the games locked in my Wii's memory, so I can't try to pull this glitch off again, so I was wondering if you guys could try to do it to experience it and we could add it to the glitch page.

    Anyways, to the story.

    In New Play Control! Pikmin (I don't know if this glitch will work in the GCN one because I don't own it), I was in the Forest Navel. I went down to fight the puffstool for the ship part. As you know, its lair is guarded by Shearwigs, M. Sheargrubs, and a Wollywog. Anyways, I killed them all and left their carcasses laying on the ground. So, long story short, I killed the Puffstool. With my Pikmin, I ordered m…

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