SniperPikmin's Pikmin Engine Beta v0.3!!!

Hey. It's been awhile because I haven't had the computer to myself that much, and I probably won't update again in awhile, but here's a little "Xmas present" I guess I could give to you guys lol. I also didn't get to finish this one, but anyway here's v0.3!!! I finally fixed many annoyances from the previous 2 versions, changed the graphics to look 5x more pleasing, changed the controls to suit the majority of people asking for Arrow-Key based controls, and added scrolling, because the levels are much larger! The engine re-write really did help after all.

Download Link:



'''-Left and Right Arrow Keys to move left and right.

'''-Shift to jump.

'''-Control to run or throw an object.

'''-Up Arrow Key (while holding an object) and pressing Control to throw an object upwards.

'''-Down Arrow Key to drop an object *NEW*



''''Change Log for v0.3:''

'''-Added 2 types of destructible blocks: Light Blocks which are broken easily, and Dark Blocks which are still broken easily, but always bounce the rock off. A 3rd Black Type was in the works which required 2 hits.

'''-Added an ability to drop objects by pressing Down on the Arrow Keys.

'''-Added parallax scrolling for a neat visual effect.

'''-Added rotating animations for rocks when thrown.

'''-Added slopes that can be walked up and down, and have Rocks roll down it. This feature is still incomplete.

'''-Changed controls to suit the likings of more people.

'''-Changed graphics layout.

'''-Changed the Pikmin's collision detectors to be more precise when colliding with floors.

'''-Fixed glitch where the Pikmin can throw a rock while it is overlapping a wall or other solid object.

'''-Running now requires a build-up and cool-down period. Hitting a wall will slow the Pikmin down and start the phases over again.

'''-The Pikmin's leaf now magically follows him without lagging behind.


''''And I take NO credit for the graphics. Pikmin sprite courtesy of Mattdog1000000. All other graphics courtesy of Nintendo.


''''Well thanks for playing! Merry XMAS!! Cya guys in a few weeks!

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