Sup people. Here's a little Pikmin game engine I worked on for only about a day, so don't expect much lol. It's inspired by games like Wario Land 2 and 3 and the Mario games. I decided to post it here since you people seem to be the friendliest around. Hopefully, you guys can help me out with this project, and it can turn into a full game! I just need bug reports, opinions, critisism, anything! Thanks for reading and/or playing!

Download link: [[1]]

BTW, also tell me if this is the right place to post this or not, cuz I wasn't rly sure.




-Basic Platforming Controls: Walking, running, jumping.

-Pick up objects and throw them!

-Random enemy movement.

-Bounce off of enemies?


A and D- Move left and right.

N- Jump

M- Run

S- Pick up object

M (while holding object)- Throw/Lob

M and W (while holding object)- Throw upwards

Known Bugs:

-I'm already aware that the Fiery Blowhog in the 2nd test level sometimes gets stuck at the sides and starts to spaz out. This will be fixed hopefully.

-I'm also aware that the leaf on the Pikmin's head always lags behind. This is because it is a seperate object that is supposed to follow the Pikmin's stem and be interchangeable with Buds and Flowers.

SniperPikmin 16:14, December 13, 2009 (UTC)

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