Now we've said a lot about things to improve for the work day, but I came across something that has had little mention. It falls within the category of grammatical fixes; we really need to keep the point of view in articles constant. Fortunately, there are no idiots putting first-person speaking anywhere, but we have an ugly mix of second and third-person bits here and there -- in some places they are only a sentence or two apart. In order to sound as formal, unbiased, and informative as possible, we need to move towards using third person in all places, with the exception of extensive boss strategies multiple paragraphs long, as it's acceptable and common for a guide or a set of instructions to speak to the reader. It makes them easier to understand, after all.

In all other cases, third-person perspective should be used, even shorter battle strategies for the enemies. Substitute the word "you" for something like "the player". Or in order to keep things fluid, just remove "you" overall. 

Make "You can throw a Pikmin directly on top of a Dwarf Bulborb to kill it";

Into "Dwarf Bulborb's can be killed by a direct hit on the back from any Pikmin".

Many pages contain second-person perspective and some even (worst of all) have a blend of both second and third person. It'll be an effort to change all of it, but it'll make the Wiki, foremost, correct, and more formal, which it should be. Hopefully we can get cracking on this for the work day.

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