Hello again!

Last time, I discussed the possibility that the Raging Long Legs is in fact female. After a decent amount of additional research on harvestmen, or daddy long legs, I have found some interesting facts that bring about two theories regarding the creature and its realtion with Mitites.

Theory #1: This goes along with what I discussed in my last post; the Raging Long Legs is the victim of the sexual parasitism by the Mitites because as Olimar states, they lay their eggs in the eggs of a female host. I found more evidence to support this and that is the fact that harvestmen and mites are known to share a parasitic relationship, the symbiont, in this case being the mites. Nothing too new here, just cement for what has already been discussed.

Theory #2: This one is a bit strange, but I do belive it is possible, as much as it contradicts my previous theory. In short, the Mitites are the actual babies of the Raging Long Legs. While most harvestmen, which the arachnorbs most resemble, have long spindly legs, others, young included, are short and have somwhat stubby legs, looking ver similar to mites. It could be the Mitite creatures are not just mites, which they appear to be, but rather developing arachnorbs. It's hard to draw connections between the two creatures, but Mitites are of an unkown family. This could be because they really aren't their own family, but rather they share a family with previously discovered creatures... Olimar just doesn't realise this. After all, if you were an alien observing Earth, would you ever guess that a caterpillar (without watching it develop) is the same species as a butterfly? Probably not. 

One problem with the theory is that harvestmen undergo incomplete metamorphism, meaning that the young will often times look very similar to the adult, only much smaller, of course. It's obvious that the Mitite and the Raging Long Legs do not look alike at all. This would be a case of very extreme incomplete metamorphism; usually an athropod that develops as such will shed skin and gain more defined features... but that's about it. A Mitite would have to shed its lighter skin to become almost all black, and gain very well-defined feet, both of which could be done, but it's entire body shape would have to change, something that only occurs in complete or gradual metamorphism. Of course, it is not set in stone that the Raging Long Legs undergoes incomplete metamorphism... I'm just assuming because of its similarities to the harvestman. Maybe Nintendo was just messing with us and creating their own twisted science (that's a scary thought).

Anything to add? Anything disturbing that needs to be pointed out? If anyone would like to see my sources and try to come up with their own research, just ask. Well that's all I've got for now... thanks for your time!

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