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  • My occupation is Wildly anticipating Pikmin 3.
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    The Enemies Template

    August 6, 2013 by RotomGuy

    There are tons of enemies missing from the Pikmin 3 sections. The Flighty Joustmite still has its Japanese Name. I would update myself, but its locked.

    And the following are missing from the Families:

    • Burrow-Nit
    • Crawmads
    • Scarpanid
    • Skitterling
    • Scornet
    • Sporovid
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  • RotomGuy

    Enemy Idea

    August 5, 2013 by RotomGuy

    This is an enemy I thought up today. As you can see the names of these creatures are Inhaling Carbod and Inhaling Nitrod. The latter is a boss. I'll explain the general creature first.

    Gascalls is the name of their family. They have a thick shell which no Pikmin can break through. However, they can latch on and weigh the creature down. Yes, they fly/float. These creatures don't breathe oxygen either, instead a different gas found underground.

    The Inhaling Carbod has a hole in the ground similar to the Hermit Crawmad, which is visibly leaking a lavender gas. When Pikmin come close, the creature will come out the hole and attempt to inhale Pikmin. The creature has 10 seconds out of the ground until it needs to start breathing again, and it wil…

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  • RotomGuy

    What do you hope, dream or think will appear in DLC?

    Dreams are wild guesses, hopes are educated guesses, theories are things which you likely believe will happen.

    My dream is for the Waterwraith to make an appearence. It would certainly be a sight in HD.

    My hope is for the Ranging Bloyster to appear as a mini-boss in a new Story map. For some reason I can really see this creature in this game, especially now that Toady Bloyster's have been improved. I also want it to have a way for it to spray Poison similar to how the Titan Dweevil did.

    My theory is that the Secret Memo code have something to do with it all.

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  • RotomGuy

    Empress Bulblax - Maybe? Don't know about this one. It might either be a small boss or a big buffed one

    Burrowing Snagret - Of course this one returns.

    Beady Long Legs - I think it's safe to say Beady returns after the reveal of another long legs.

    Emperor Bulblax - Again, maybe. If it does, I think it will be a strong one again.

    Giant Breadbug - Doubt it, though maybe the focus around food could bring it back?

    Pileated Snagret - I think it's likely, but it might be a lot stronger.

    Ranged Bloyster - I actually think this one has a high possibility of returning. Now with 3 captains, this boss may be easier but I think it could get a huge buff to be a big boss.

    Waterwraith - Unfortunately, I don't think our old hatred frog-human thing isn't likely to retur…

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  • RotomGuy

    Ok, so I pre-ordered Pikmin 3. It's due on the release date (July 26th) or one or two days earlier.

    But the real reason I'm posting is because of my incredible excitement. I have never felt so excited before and I don't know what it is.

    After the reveal of Winged Pikmin I have tried to avoid spoilers at all costs. But I'm bouncing up and down wanting to know as much as possible!

    So, what's your favourite element of this game that makes it so exciting?

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