Hey everybody! I decided to maked my on captain's log! Here is Log 1. Also, I will make one about once a week. Due to a change of plans, I will just add to this blog and make a new one when this one is insanely long.

Captin's Log 1

Something very strange happened today. I had a perfectly even number of each color pikmin out, and then i heard them sing! I do not know what has caused this, but it may be the pikmin I had out. I do not know the song they were singing, but it reminds me of a stage in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Anyways, I also found two caves in one day at the first area. I did not go in them, though. Instead, I went to Emergence Cave to get some (22) pokos from Snow Bulborbs. I also destroyed a Withering Blowhog, a Cloaking Burrow-nit, and an enemy that is, belive it or not, worse than a Wollyhop, the Decorated Cannon Beetle. It was a revenge attack, as last night, when taking off, it used my ship as target practice. Very slow day, very slow indeed.
Decorated Cannon Beetle

I got to kill this thing. :) No pikmin lost, either! :D

Captain's Log 2

I started a new file in Pikmin 2 today, file 3. I got sot so much done in 4 days! I even did Hole Of Beasts and White Flower Garden in the right order this time! I lost no Pikmin to Empress Bulblax, and surprisingly, no Pikmin were lost to the Burrowing Snagret either! What a lucky run! Well, not so lucky, after counting the fact that the Toxic Toadstool was in a place I would need Yellows to reach. I wish it was a Puffstool I needed yellows to reach
Thumb toxictoadstool

I couldn't get it. :(

instead of an item. But then again, they are not in Pikmin 2. First time I would ever want the puffstool in Pikmin 2.  Also, I watched Chuggaconroy, and I have learned what is more devasting than a Decorated Cannon Beetle. It is, NOT a Wollyhop, it is, the Water Wraith (yep, so bad I had to make a link for it). It is like an indestructible enemy form of a DCB's boulder. You have to belive me on this, it seems worse than 10 Burrowing Snagrets, Emperor Bulblaxes, Raging Long Legses, and Titan Dweevils combined. I have to say, I hate rolling things with homing.

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