23 days of torture

To those of us (like me) who live in North America -

I am sorry to say that there is a 23 day delay for us getting Pikmin 3 after it's released in Japan. We get it on August 4th. I have some suggestions to help get through the torture. I am doing some of these things to avoid spoilers.

  1. Play both games again.
  2. Do a 30 day Pikmin 1 run and start on July 4th. When you're done, Pikmin 3 is out!
  3. Make a Pikmin 3 cake (I will upload photos of the one I make).
  4. Try not to watch a Japanese Let's Play.
  5. Stay off of the Pikmin Wiki.
  6. Write a letter to Mr. Miyamoto.

I hope these methods help, so comment if you did or are doing any of these things. Stay strong!

Until next time, Pikman14 07:12, July 12, 2013 (UTC)


Stay strong!

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