Recent footage, by the youtube account Chopi, has been released regarding boss battle mode. WE see the Armored Mawdad vs the player who has rock and red pikmin. The rocks and reds are the only pikmin available in the story when the Mawdad is fought(as of current knowledge) so i have begun to think that this will be the case with all bossfights. However, if you only have the types available to you when you fight them in the story, then how are purple and whites available in the gamemode(there are 7 slots for available pikmin types when the boss is chosen confirming that they are in the mode). Since Whites and Purples are Definately not in the story mode, my only guess is that perhaps somebosses will appear that aren't in the story mode. If i was to take a guess, i would assume that bosses from previous games would appear explaining why purples and whites are there when you fight them. While this is just a theory, do any of you think this is possible ,and if so, what bosses to you expect to reappear?

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