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  • MegaSchmoo

    New Pikmin 3 video

    June 27, 2012 by MegaSchmoo

    G4TV has a new Wii U preview vid out, and it contains some Pikmin 3 stuff.

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  • MegaSchmoo

    Friday June 29th there is a Wii U event being held in New York where you can go play Pikmin 3. It's invite only, but all Club Nintendo members in New York should have an invite in their inbox.

    If anyone reading this should go, please make sure you user the lock-on feature when playing Pikmin 3 so we can get the names of the enemies. Make sure you take a camera so you can get a screenshot as proof. I have contacted someone who is going already who said he would try, but the more people the better.

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  • MegaSchmoo

    Ok, this is a list of just a few tasks that we need done around the wiki. Please tell me if you hink of any others.

    1. At this page we are collecting all of the enemy and treasure data from the piklopedia and putting it into a hub. Please move the notes about sales, coking, and biology from pikmin 2 to this page. Make sure to put them in alphabetical order and use the formatting shown. When you move them, please remove the notes template from the original page and replace it with a notes section like on this page.

    2. Pictures. We have most of the pictures we need, but feel free to replace them with ones of higher quality. Also feel free to add new images to galleries so long as they aren't identical or nearly identical to the ones already t…

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  • MegaSchmoo

    I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a great little community of pikmin players on Reddit. It's been pretty active ever since E3. Check it out here

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