So, pikmin 3 will be coming out soon,but no one knows why Olimar is not present. My theory is(other than the one posted about the fact that only challenge mode was shown) that Olimar is:

1. The new president of Hocotate freight, so he can't venture to the Distant planet because he acually takes care of the company(unlike Socho)

2. Olimars family did not want him to leave again

3.Olimar did venture to the Distant planet but Hocotate lost contact with him, they then sent 4 explorers to the planet to find him.

Theories about the 4 explorers:

1. I do not think that the pink haired girl is a Hocotatian. Here are my reasons, Hocotatians traits appear to be large round noses with not a whole lot of hair, however the girl on the other hand has a "normal" nose and a lot of hair.

Theories about the plot itself:

1. When Olimar and the Pres. ventured back to hocotate, the souvineer (unknown if spelled correctly) that olimar brought back caused a grave illness after just weeks of it being in Olimar's house, the Pres. did not catch the illness due to the fact that he had little exposure to it, however, many other Hocotatians that were freinds and family of Olimar (including Louie and his family) are gravely ill. In which case the Pres. sends 4 explorers to the Distant planet to find a cure, while also searching for treasure of course (Socho, while still greedy, actually does care for Olimar and Louie).

I just had an uber amazing idea! A pikmin level designer! Since Myomoto(not sure if spelled right) wanted the game to be a mixture of stratagy(pikmin) and exploration(pikmin 2) it seems feesible for him to impliment it. This would be just cool.

Yet another cool idea! this one is for the Piklopeadia, what if there's a demo fight for each enimie in the game, that would be amazing! The piklopeadia should also show the different types of barriers/obsticals, and the Pikmin should be on the Piklopeadia as well. Hope you like the ideas. :)

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