This probably won't be a problem now since we only have like 3 regular editors, but the next time our community sees a spike in growth there will be a spike in vandalism as well, and there will likely be a few rash members who I will have to direct here.  For users who are completely new to Wikia, I'll also expand the page later to detail instructions on how to combat different amounts of vandalism since our most recent attack was slightly more convoluted than past ones.  On the bright side, we've seen nearly every type of vandalism, short of an attack by an admin, so we're pretty prepared as far as experience goes.  Anyways, today's main message:

There has been a recent string of vandalisms in which the vandal claimed they worked for Pikipedia, an independent wiki.  These messages are obviously meant to stir up trouble, since the Pikmin Wiki and Pikipedia were formerly "rival wikis" and hostilities have finally settled down.  Please do not go blaming Pikipedia or retaliate with more vandalism; it is unlikely that they actually have any connection to the Wikia incidents.  If the problem grows, I will approach Pikipedia on the subject, but it will likely never come to that.

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