Welcome to The Pikmin Quiz! heres your questions:

  1. What was the name Chuggaconoroy gave to his red pikmin on Day 1?
  2. What is the 2 foes who revive themselves?
  3. What is the 2 strongest foes in "Pikmin"?
  4. What foe was made of poison in "Pikmin"?
  5. What is the first harmful foe in "Pikmin"?
  6. What Happend to the Clobsters other claw? (Quess if you dont know)
  7. What is imune to all hazards?
  8. What is the order of pikmin you find in "Pikmin 2"?
  9. What pikmin can carry bomb rocks in "Pikmin" but Stops doing it in "Pikmin 2"?
  10. What has the strength of 10 pikmin in "Pikmin 2" But has the strength of a normal pikmin in "Pikmin 2 Beta"?
  11. What is the 2 only pikmin that can swim?
  12. What is Pikmin?

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