Wiki Work Day Tomorrow!

Hello captains!

Tommorrow is our Wiki work day, and I have some big news!

First, we figured out how to rip sound files out of the game! We hopefully will use this for wiki things!

Second, if you move your mouse cursor around, you should see it being an onion from Pikmin 3! Dave10277 made us a little icon, and we figured how to use it. We're planning on animating it as well.

Colors! I've figured how to color names and are experiementing with colors people's names. Might be an admin only thing or something. Gonna talk with the other admins.

So, other than that we, hope to see you tomorrow at wiki work day!

And with that-

Wait a moment, one last thing! We have an uber important announcement to make tomorrow, so tune in for the big news!

And with that,

Captains, Dismissed!

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