Hello, hello, Pikmin Wiki! JPM with some minor announcements.

First off, the Wiki's Work Day will not really have much of a set date until June gets here. So, just expect June to be the Work Day.

Secondly, I will be doing some minor... Things... To the wiki itself, so expect to find little Easter Eggs through out the wiki. They are for the Work Day, so keep an eye out.

Thirdly, this is for all you non-wikians (the civilians, not the guys who work on the wiki). When the work day comes around, stick to the wiki's chat box. I will be there, as well as hopefully a few others that are in the Skype call to get messages across.

Don't forget we will have a Pikmin 3 photo contest, as well as a wiki background contest, wiki logo contest, and a few other fun games. 

That's all I have,

Captains, dismissed!

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