So, this is a list of news I should've posted weeks ago, but here it is.

Wiki work day went so well, it became the wiki work week! Thank you to everyone who helped out this year! We got a lot of work done, so WOOOO!

We elected a new admin! The Sneaky Spy is now joining the higher up ranks, with his focus being Java coding. He has created many of our templates, and will soon be looking into the wiki's CSS, the core of the wiki.

Speaking of CSS, we figured out to be extra fancy! We got a new cursor (designed by Dave), and we're eventually going to see if we can animate it. We also will be giving Admins colored text, so take that, not fancy oldster wiki!

I can't think of much else to say, but we would like to have more memeber at least active on the wiki (outside of the Skype). Speaking of Skype, our group is hitting out 24-person "Get out of Jail Free" limit (free webcams and screen sharing), so if anyone has Skype Premium, we may need you/ a donation of one to Shadowraptor101 (Wiki call admin) for when we break the 24 man limit.

That's all for now!

Captain, dismissed!

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