Been a while, eh wiki? Well I have some rather neutral news that I hope gets spread around to the other members of the wiki!

First off, there will a be future change that will revolutionize everyone on the wiki! This is gonna be held under lock and key for now, but we'll need everyone's help with it when we're ready.

Another thing is that I'm seeing a small pool of new members trickling in. This is amazing to see! But also a bit meh as it may or may not effect the first thing I had mentioned. I just hope all you new guys pay attention to the dear old addys' requests.

Finally, I'm glad to see that a few members are keeping our new guys in check and keeping the wiki running for us addys. All of our Elite 4 addys have been preoccupied as of recent, with real life and whatnot, and seeing the wiki being able to run itself is quite a relief. I hope it continues with what I mention two paragraphs before.

Just keep doing what ya'll are doing. JPM's proud of ya'll, and I'm certain the other addys are too. I need everyone who sees this to help me out though. Spread the contents of this message to all Pikmin fans, from members of the wiki to elsewhere on the net, miiverse, FB groupd, dA groups, etc. The mysterious #1 thing I keep mentioning is gonna be doozy once we pull it off, so I need full Wikia cooperation. Spread word and make sure everyone is keeping an eye out. But keep it hush hush. Only let Pikmin fans you trust know. This is a big secret to everybody that everbody must know.

Messengers that are out there (you know who ya'll are), get this ball rolling for when our m8s are ready for us.

With that,

Captains, dismissed!

Update: Use this link to spread word of this on Skype:

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