Hello hello wiki! This is JPM here with an update on the things I mentioned last week in a blog. LEt's get right into it.

First off, our Wiki's edits are gradually increasing over time. I mean this in, more people are editing, not so much total edits. This is great, and a sign for a big thing for many students:

Spring Break! Spring Break is coming up or already begun for some, and that means we'll (hopefully) see a spike in activity in the next few weeks. Most people will have during these last few weeks of March, some have it in April. I hope to see all you elder editors on the wiki making sure things are going well with this spike, so keep an eye out. Also, since we'll probably get a few new members to the wiki, welcome them, greet them, ask how they want to help the wiki, etc. Be friends. This new message wall system hasn't been tested out too much by us, so leave some messages, start some chats. Also, if you do have the day off, please use the Wiki Chat. Although we do have a Skype, some member do not have Skype, or feel uneasy join the wiki call (plus it gets a little scary sometimes). Chat is also the best place to hook members to the wiki, so please regularly patrol the Wiki chat if you can.

Our Youtube channel has also been booming, video-wise. Aeroblaze777 has been vigorously uploading videos of old trailers, commercials, and sneak-peak videos for NA, PAL, and JP versions of Pikmin 3, so kudos to him!

I also have discovered that beaurocrats are admins, just slightly more power than an admin. Our wiki's only beaurocrats haven't been active in about... four years or so, so if you see a beaurcrat coming on and making drastic changes, let an admin know.

Alrighty, that's all I have. Heck, I might turn this into a weekly Wiki (Wikily?) blog to keep ya'll updated with goings ons and the like.

And with that,

Captains, Dismissed!

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