Hello Wiki, tis I, JPM with some wiki news. So, as we know, the wiki is growing. I did some searches and found that our wiki get almost 2 million views a day. Like, wow. Did not see that coming. So, the admins have been discussion what we should do to improve the wiki before Summer (we say before Summer, as we get more views [over 3 million last Summer] during the Summer months). A few things have been going on.

Our Youtube channel has been getting videos. Mr Aeroblaze777 has been hunting the net high and low for Pikmin commercials and trailers to upload to the channel, and will soon work on music (I think...) If anyone knows of any videos that should be uploaded to the channel, contact Aeroblaze777 or the admins on the wiki.

Mr Dave10772 has promised me that once he recovers from life things, he will (attempt) to scan Pikmin guide books (for at least Pikmin 2, maybe 1, unknown about 3). We then can try to figure out how to use some Mangareader-like format for online guide books. If anyone knows how, contact an admin, please.

Beurocrats (beaurocrat? buearocrat?). For all ye wiki old timers, beurocrats were removed about 2 years ago, replaced with pure admin leaders. Us as a staff honestly have no real recollection of what the beaurocrats did, but we hope that they are like wiki admins, but with less powers (like, no perma-ban). We will be testing to see what beaurocrats are able of doing in the coming months, so, expect that.

Update: Just learned that beaurocrats are just admins with hard to pronounce titles. Can cross that one off the list...

Chat moderators. Honestly, we have no real idea why we have that, no one really uses the wiki chat too often... But, hopefully with upcoming months we'll get more users who will use that, and we can get some chat mods flowing around to moniter chat. We'll also (try to) treat them like admin and beaurocrat recon-scouts, gather info and report activity to admins. But we'll see.

Also, we still need help with Pikmin 3 DLC pages, and even some Pikmin 3 general information. We also need help with Pikmin 2 treasure and enemy info as well, so please consult the "How Can I Help?" page at the top of the wiki.

And with that, Captains dismissed.

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