Hello wiki. I just had a chat with Ymmot and Shadowraptor about something that's come up, this was the message.

Hi guys, i need to ask a favor of you. I'm way too busy to do anything major on the wiki, heck, even supervise and manage things on the wiki, and would like you two to be more active, even if it means just going through the wiki and checking up on things, helping out users, etc. I normally wouldn't ask this, but I'm literally killing myself with work. While I find the wiki to be a great, fun place to be, surrounded by like-minded folks, I unfortunately cannot maintain it as much as I'd want. Having ya'll as extra eyes would be great. This probably doesn't make as much sense as I'd like, but I'm running off of a total of 8 hours of sleep for the past 4 days. I'm not resigning as admin, I just need a temporary break to take care of IRL things. I'll still try to hang out with you guys, but I still need "me" time, to reflect and enjoy myself, as I feel like I have piles of work that keep refreshing themselves as I complete them. Just, help me out by helping out the wiki more, manage Skype call, manage wiki, help where needed. An hour of total time on the wiki is just enough, so please help out. I'll be posting something like this in a wiki blog to let the wiki itself know. Good luck, JPMRocks, ogre and out.

I'll be taking a break from the wiki to get myself together, as I'm working myself to near-death with wiki and real life stuff. I'm just letting the wiki know so that people don't think I've mysteriously vanished. Thank you.

Captains Dismissed.

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