Hello Wiki! Tis I, JPM with an important announcement!

As most of you elder people know, last year we had a work-day for the wiki, where we spent 12 hours working on nothing but the wiki. The other admins and I have talked about it more, and we have more details on it.

Luther (Shadowraptor101) is working on getting his graphics card installed, and he will try to lead the charge for getting pictures for Pikmin 2.

Tommy (Ymmot392) will (hopefully) work on getting more pictures for Pikmin Adventure. (We need newer ones).

Josh/me (Jpmrocks7) will be working on basic edits, specifically with typos and category editing. I'll also being refreshing my memory with HTML.

So, we basically will need handymen who are willing to help us out with these tasks on the Work Day.

More importantly, we need to set a date for the Work Day itself. We are planning for June, but we need to know specifically when people will be free in June (Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get a work week...)

Finally, the admins were chatting about a few games to have during the day. We would like to have 2 art contests; one will be a Pikmin Wiki "Welcome Sign" art contest, which the winning entry will be used by the wiki on the front page. The second art contest is a Pikmin 3 Miiverse picture contest. Whoever submits the best picture will be used as the background of the wiki for the rest of the summer! (So until September or something). Also, at the very end, the Admins will have a race in completeing Pikmin 3 at the very end.

That's all we have for now, thank you!

And with that,

Captains, dismissed!

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