Hello, Wiki!

Many of you hopefully saw my last blog post. If you did, there was a mysterious #1 I kept mentioning. Well, we finally can reveal it. Mysterious #1 is Operation: Baldy Long Legs.

Operation Baldy is the code name given to a MASSIVE change to the wiki that we want to keep secret-ish. Long story short, Pikmin Wiki and Pikipedia are merging! 

Pikipedia is technically "the official pikmin wiki", basically, they used to run the Wiki before Shadowraptor, Ymmot and I took over. They had left because Wikia started to become a bit oppressive with ads and whatnot. Well, after a four year rivalry, we taken a straw, sucked it up, and merged.

What this means to you as a Wiki contributor:

  • Pikmin Wiki has it's own URL. 
  • We now have near-professional coders to assist in making the wiki waaaaay cooler. (by like, 295% at least [1])
  • That's right, Pikipedia has it's own IRC Chat, so you can talk to other Wiki members live! You can ask questions, play with Pikipedia's chat bot, hang out, etc. 
  • More admins, bots, tools. See problems? It's a lot faster and easier to get them taken care of now!
  • Almost no ads! There's only two ads on every page, so navigation will be a lot smoother.

I'm certain there's more to the list, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Some other things to take note of:

  • Don't start editing on Pikipedia yet. Instructions will be given on when Operation Baldt is finished fore diting to be allowed.
  • You will need to make a new Pikipedia account. This account is only for Pikipedia
  • You can learn basic advanced editing stuff. Luckily, we have a guide on our Wiki for those who want to learn mechanic on thier user page, or start helping Pikipedia.

I know there will be a lot of questions, so please ask any admins or other frequent users. Once everything is moved over to Pikipedia, we will slowly begin deleting this wiki, page by page. The expected end date of Operation Baldy is around September 1st. After that date, we will begin Operation Copy.Paste and Operation Antenna Beetle, both which will be explained when the time comes.

Please spread word of this to EVERYONE in the Pikmin community. This wiki will shut down, and in it's place Pikipedia will grow. Post this on Pikmin Forums, Miiverse, gaming sites, anywhere where pikmin fans lurk.

And with that,

Captains, Dismissed!

[1] numbers may not be accurate

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