Blah blah blah, The Cutting Floor

By Odin's beard, this is a painful process. We have found tons of Pikmin 1 and 2 beta info, as well as a Pikmin 2 Protype information log. A few member of the wiki are transfering info as we speak (me included), and by god, the coding is like Alphabet Soup without the Soup (banana sticker to those who get the reference [Now worth 2 banana stickers to both references] ). These newly born Beta/Prototype pages will need Categories, so if you like those achievement badges, start adding Categories to them!

The categories needed are:

Pikmin Beta

Pikmin 2 Beta

Pikmin 2 Prototype


So get to it, Captains! Tis a long day ahead of us for some...

Captains, dismissed!

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