Alrighty Wiki! JPM here with some news and a plea for help.

So, I'm back doing wiki stuff. And while I was doing wiki stuff, a lot of images were carpy and outdated. We need to find some way to update these old pictures.

Old pictures consist of:

  • Pikmin 2 concept art being in the template box. (Those cruddy lil yellow background pictures. A few pages have better pics:
  • Old E3 demo footage and pics should be removed. (This also includes info from E3. "Crystals" page is having some wonky stuff with galleries that needs help).
  • Hand-drawn maps. (Mostly Areas, but some Caves have this too, screen shots of the overlay would be best.)
  • Pictures taken of TV screens with cell phone cameras. (Pikmin 1 has a lot of these under "Part Location". It looks really bad, and I know we can do better.)

That's all I have for now... Anything else...

Aero has been hard at work with out Wikia Channel, kudos to you... We need to get a review on our HTML, as most templates and a lot of of our oldest pages use HTML. According to Wikia Staff, HTML total conversion will not happen for a long time, so learning it is the best way (unless we create completely new pages, in which case, will take a long time). That's all I can think of.

And with that,

Captains, dismissed!

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