Well Pikmin Wiki users, visitors, presidents, captain, chefs and illegal immigrants, it's done. After about two weeks of some disputing, it's done. The front page has been revamped, to what I'm guessing, is tranquility. New navigation, and the new blog updates segment have been added, a glorious edition to our humble wiki. Please, all applaud Hades97 aka Echo for his fantastic job on our front page. I also would like apologize to Thenewguy34 and Conker'sbadfurday for making a few rash desicions without thinking of other admins's choices. But water under the bridge aside, we must look to the future! Pikmin 3 being at E3 in a month, as well as Pikmin 2 Wii coming out in North America in June, we still can't take our gaming breaks yet! Orginization and page meshing are still being done, which is no easy task. Well now, attention all members of Hocotate Freight! A space bunny has eaten some golden pikpik carrots, and by the Mamuta, we have to get them back! Captains, dismissed!

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