Finalizing Up

Attention all Wikimembers of this wiki! We still need to better organize our articles and edit any spell/grammar issues we can find. E3 is in a few weeks/days, so our Pikmin 3 page will be able to be worked on. The rest of our wiki has recieved considerable work from a certain Mr TheNewGuy34, so help him out whenever you can. I also hope that this summer, there will be a day, where all dedicated Pikmin Wikiusers can all help the wiki for the full day. With Pikmin to be at E3 2012, Pikmin 3 is around the corner, so we still can't take a breathe of relief yet. I know a lot of our member have school currently, but whenever you have a free chance, just come at revise a page for errors. The little bits help the wiki the most!

Thanks for your all your help,



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