Hello everyone! JPM here, regarding a minor issue involving achievements. A few new users have been creating/doing useless things on pages in order to earn achievements on the wiki. Now, I know achievements are fun and dandy (I'm an achievement wench), but please do not do edits on the wiki just for achievements, unless they greatly help the wiki (i.e. Reformatting galleries, spell checking, etc.). The achievements were disabled a long while ago for this reason, and I don't want to have them removed again. So if you any new users doing such things as these, please notify them to stop, and if they persist, bring it to an admin.

I also have info regarding info on our front page. We are (attempting to) revamping the front page a bit, to make it nicer and more organized. This includes updating Did you know?, featured images, featured article, and the like. Unfortunately, the home page uses the old 2005 HTML formatting (heck, we're old), so if anyone is an expert with Wikia's HTML, please notify an admin, and we can see to clean up the homepage. And no, the AD can't be moved.

That is all.

Captains, dismissed!

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