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  • I live in San Diego
  • I was born on March 19
  • My occupation is Admin of Pikmin Wiki
  • I am Male, usually.
  • Jpmrocks7

    BAM! PikCast is here! Watch it! Read it! 360p action!


    Get pumped!

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  • Jpmrocks7

    Hello Wiki! Phase 2 is here, and we need help!

    Copy.Paste is the merging of articles on Pikipedia.

    Now, Operation Antenna Beetle. This is where you spread the word. I want every single one of ye to spread word of this merge. TVTropes, 4chan, FJ, Destructoid Forums, everywhere that has a pikmin fan base. We want to survive after this merge, and need word spread. Miiverse, too.

    Captains, dismissed!

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  • Jpmrocks7

    Hello, Wiki!

    Many of you hopefully saw my last blog post. If you did, there was a mysterious #1 I kept mentioning. Well, we finally can reveal it. Mysterious #1 is Operation: Baldy Long Legs.

    Operation Baldy is the code name given to a MASSIVE change to the wiki that we want to keep secret-ish. Long story short, Pikmin Wiki and Pikipedia are merging! 

    Pikipedia is technically "the official pikmin wiki", basically, they used to run the Wiki before Shadowraptor, Ymmot and I took over. They had left because Wikia started to become a bit oppressive with ads and whatnot. Well, after a four year rivalry, we taken a straw, sucked it up, and merged.

    What this means to you as a Wiki contributor:

    • Pikmin Wiki has it's own URL. 
    • We now have near-professiona…
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  • Jpmrocks7

    Wiki Changes!

    August 13, 2014 by Jpmrocks7

    Been a while, eh wiki? Well I have some rather neutral news that I hope gets spread around to the other members of the wiki!

    First off, there will a be future change that will revolutionize everyone on the wiki! This is gonna be held under lock and key for now, but we'll need everyone's help with it when we're ready.

    Another thing is that I'm seeing a small pool of new members trickling in. This is amazing to see! But also a bit meh as it may or may not effect the first thing I had mentioned. I just hope all you new guys pay attention to the dear old addys' requests.

    Finally, I'm glad to see that a few members are keeping our new guys in check and keeping the wiki running for us addys. All of our Elite 4 addys have been preoccupied as of rece…

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  • Jpmrocks7

    So, this is a list of news I should've posted weeks ago, but here it is.

    Wiki work day went so well, it became the wiki work week! Thank you to everyone who helped out this year! We got a lot of work done, so WOOOO!

    We elected a new admin! The Sneaky Spy is now joining the higher up ranks, with his focus being Java coding. He has created many of our templates, and will soon be looking into the wiki's CSS, the core of the wiki.

    Speaking of CSS, we figured out to be extra fancy! We got a new cursor (designed by Dave), and we're eventually going to see if we can animate it. We also will be giving Admins colored text, so take that, not fancy oldster wiki!

    I can't think of much else to say, but we would like to have more memeber at least active on …

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