Just today, Chopi (YouTuber) showed us some more Pikmin stuff. He showed us "Defeat The Bosses!" mode but only showed the Armored Mawdad to avoid spoilers which is sad (I really wanted to see some footage someone defeating the Sand-Bleaching Meerslug and know what that Unknown Massive Boss was). But this screenshot shows something interesting...

No, You can't select the pikmin you want to battle with

 it shows the pikmin you used in Story Mode and that's the pikmin you use in this mode, now count the spaces. There are spaces for the five pikmin in Story Mode, Red, Rock, Yellow, Pink, Blue but there are two extra spaces... now, if you're guessing Purple and White... Miyamoto already stated there are no Purple or White in Story Mode so it can mean two things:

1. When you meet Olimar, he is still in control of the Purples and Whites just as a Mid-game twist

2. There are two new unshown pikmin that's only appear in one place that are left behide next day (like Bulbmin) that Miyamoto didn't show to the public

3. Both!

tell me what you think! 

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