• Irhum31

    Before the final boss battle in Pikmin 3, you must first find your way through a maze like series of tunnels while Brittany lures away Amebouzu, a form of the boss you can not defeat. While in there, you can get nervous, so here are some tips, 

    1. When playing as Alph or Charlie, and Brittany in charge of luring away the beast, do pay attention to the music. If the monster is too close when you are not paying attention, the music will become more active and scarier. If that happens, quickly swicth to Brittany and RUN!
    2. It is best to use 10 flowered Pink Pikmin to carry Olimar, as they will be fast and can cross gaps, and do not require bridges. However, if you do use Pink Pikmin, make sure you clear Spiderwebs as Alph or Charlie BEFORE Brittany …
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