Pikmin 3 characters

The 4 playable captains in Pikmin 3. Note how none of the originals are present.

I was bored today so I had a think about the plot of Pikmin 3, heres what i came up with:

Olimar and Louie are missing on the Pikmin Planet, maybe due to the President wanting more money. As you can see from the picture above, D and A look like Olimar and Louie, the game starts off with these two relatives of the Olimar and Louie as they look for their family members, so the main gameplay revolves around these two gathering treasure ( as it was a good aspect of Pikmin 2 ) and use the earned Pokos to hire new Captins to join their rescue operation, this is means many more tasks can be accomplished with more captins too use, the last to have on your team is C, which i'm assuming is a member of the presidents family, beeing greedy like the President he wants lots of Pokos to join up. With the four captins in the crew, they can rescue Olimar and Louie from the depths of the planet.

This is my idea and no truth in it, please tell me what you hope to see from Pikmin 3 and my idea, thanks!

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