So, there was recently a post by Myamoto on the 'Secret Memos' and them doing something. So I thought, maybe they might all unlock something different from everyone else's! The codes are all different, so could the prizes all be different, too? And Myamoto said there's a possibility of DLC! What could the DLC be (If there is DLC)? What if it's Olimar/Louie's side of the story? What if it's new Mission Mode/Bingo Battle stuff (Like bosses!)What if it's something about the Plasm Wraith? Which brings me to the next question/theory, why is the Plasm Wraith caring for Olmar, and only Olimar? What if the Plasm Wraith is somehow related to the Pikmin in some way and sees that Olimar cares for them and is trying to return the favor? Hmm...

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