Does anybody else think Nintendo should make a game based on the bad ending of Pikmin 1?

EDIT: I made a little idea: Since Olimar never came back, Hocotate Freight couldn't sell the S.S. Dolphin, so they're in even more of a debt! In desperate times, the President is determined to find the Dolphin. And Olimar. Mostly the ship. So, he sets out to find them. He brings along Louie, just to be safe. And while they're out in space, following Olimar's planned vacation route, they find his S.O.S. call emitted by his Interstellar Radio. But, when they arrive, Olimar is not there. Just the ship part. What awaits them on this planet is unknown. Will they find Olimar? Or something else? Also, this game would also kind of backtrack Pikmin 1, because you'd find the Blue Pikmin first, then Yellow, then Red. You'd also go to The Distant Spring first(You're collecting the ship parts to sell as you go), then The Forest Navel, The Forest of Hope, The Impact Site, then The Final Trial, where you find Olimin. Yes, I just copied this whole thing off of my comment.

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