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  • DucOlio

    As you may know, Olimar is back in the next Smash Bros:

    Did you notice the new logo on his shoulder ? I tried to recreate it:

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  • DucOlio

    Hocotatians eyes

    June 25, 2012 by DucOlio

    Hi everyone.

    The Wiki's page about Hocotatians mention that they eyes are closed most of the time, but, in fact, they aren't closed, they are just flattened, an the pupil is as big as the entierly eye.

    Here's a gif to show you what I mean:

    Also, the finale cutscene (at 1:29 on the video), of the game show very closely the eyes of Olimar during their "transformation", and we can see there's still a little bit of white surrounding the pupil in the "neutral stade":

    Thank for reading ^^

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