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July 29, 2013
  • DrNewt

    So two days ago while exploring the beautiful planet of PNF-404 I found a weird data file called a "Secret Memo". It was nothing more than a number with a few Pikmin hanging off. I immediately wrote it off as something that would make sence one I have all of them. A day later I beat the game with only 3 of them. With next to no effort to find them I turned my attention to gethering all the fruit and saving the data logs for afterwards. But yesterday the purpose of the Secret memos where slightly revealed. In a Miiverse post made yesterday Miyamoto says that the numbers once all found will from a code which will be used later on. The big question now is what will that code unlock. DLC? Crummy wallpapers? a sneek peek at a new nintendo game?…

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  • DrNewt

    So, uhh... Hi. I am Dr. Newt, and I am here to try and help as much as possible with pages related to Pikmin 3. Because it is so new and the fact that I have easy access to a computer while I play I thought that I would try and help this wiki along with infromation on the game. The only problem with this is that most of the time I find that I am wrong about information so I would have to apologise about that, I do get key details wrong either because I wasn't paying attention or because of me just being dumb.

    So far in Pikmin 3 I have beaten the game with the good ending but sadly I have not 100% it for the best ending. My plan for the next week or so is to head back to the day before I beat the game and try and get the rest of the collecta…

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