So I've been back to Pikmin 3 lately, and I'd like to note that I've been working on my speedrun; will enter Twilight River on Day 5 :D

Okay, next is that I noticed something in the brand new DLC pack. I may be crazy, but try looking inro this: The Forgotten Cove seems to resemble The Forest Navel... Somewhat. Lots of stone gates, different elevations, and even the pool of water as well as a Long-Legs. What do ya'll think?

Finally, I wanna see what you guys think of possible Defeat the Bosses DLC: I think that we can get the same bosses with fewer and different Pikmin or have oldbosses return, maybe with Olimar (clueless on how Louie would be incorporated)... What are your guys' ideas? :3

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