So, I'm curious to see what the record-clear for Pikmin 3 is... By examining the leaderboards, it seems to be 10 Days, but does the leaderboard account for all 66 Fruits?

And even then, does anyone know any... specific ways of rushing that might work? The only thing I can really think of off-hand would be to try and access the bosses on the first day you enter the area, such as confronting the Armored Mawdad on Day 2, if that's even possible... I know you can take it down in one, swift move if you quickly smash its tail and then swarm it, so just maybe... If you were pro in your co-ordination...

But anyway, I'm mainly asking what the best 100% clear-time you know of is, as well as any rushing strategies anyone may have used to improve their times :3

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