Hm... Can anyone come up with an interesting idea for a Final Boss to Pikmin 3?

As a member of Fantendo, a wikia dedicated to making fan games based on Nintendo games and consoles, I find it interesting to think about how they might handle the Final Boss in this game, or even Bosses in general. I guess it's also the way I like to play games... It's generally something dramatic or epic that catches my attention in a game, especially something like the way Kingdom Hearts handles bosses.

But further onto my point, does anyone have any interesting ideas on a Boss or even the Final Boss that they think would be interesting or cool to see?

For me, I picture it as a Snagret-type enemy this time around... I'm not sure why, but I feel that it might be pretty effective, being able to burrow into the ground, and come out anywhere in a large area. It could use obstacles and hazards to its advantage through this method, and could have Pikmin-specific phases... But I'd like to see what you guys have in mind...

I also think it would be cool if we got bosses that could only be defeated by one or two Pikmin types. An example would be something like the Waterwraith, how only Purple Pikmin could fight it. An example I came up with a while back (Before E3 2012, when I was working on my Pikmin HD game on Fnatendo) would be the Crush Claw. It would be a feline-like enemy that you would need to throw Purple Pikmin onto each of its paws to bring it down for a short time... Another would be the Armored Mawdad and Goolix.

Thoughts or ideas, anyone~? PokeminMaster, Master of Pokémon and Pikmin (Talk to me Here) 03:42, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

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