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  • CrusaderYaamni

    Chance of Pikmin 4

    December 12, 2013 by CrusaderYaamni

    Now, I am highly aware that this has been discussed before, but nobody seems to talk about it after the DLC was released. I also know it's a bit early, but I want to know what you guys think of a fourth game in the series around 2015, 2016 or so...

    I'm also curious to see what ideas anyone may have come up with in recent days?  One thing I've been thinking of for a while now, based entirely on the Plasm Wraith screaming at you as you fly away; mayhaps the final boss could return for a second phase by attacking your ship as you try to fly away, forcing you to fight it at night XD

    Anyway, chance of a fourth Pikmin game and any interesting ideas you'd like to share?

    P.S. I think Olimar was looking for treasure once again to but the S.S. Dolphin …

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  • CrusaderYaamni

    Some Random Things

    December 8, 2013 by CrusaderYaamni

    So I've been back to Pikmin 3 lately, and I'd like to note that I've been working on my speedrun; will enter Twilight River on Day 5 :D

    Okay, next is that I noticed something in the brand new DLC pack. I may be crazy, but try looking inro this: The Forgotten Cove seems to resemble The Forest Navel... Somewhat. Lots of stone gates, different elevations, and even the pool of water as well as a Long-Legs. What do ya'll think?

    Finally, I wanna see what you guys think of possible Defeat the Bosses DLC: I think that we can get the same bosses with fewer and different Pikmin or have oldbosses return, maybe with Olimar (clueless on how Louie would be incorporated)... What are your guys' ideas? :3

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  • CrusaderYaamni

    Pikmin 3 Speedrun?

    October 27, 2013 by CrusaderYaamni

    So, I'm curious to see what the record-clear for Pikmin 3 is... By examining the leaderboards, it seems to be 10 Days, but does the leaderboard account for all 66 Fruits?

    And even then, does anyone know any... specific ways of rushing that might work? The only thing I can really think of off-hand would be to try and access the bosses on the first day you enter the area, such as confronting the Armored Mawdad on Day 2, if that's even possible... I know you can take it down in one, swift move if you quickly smash its tail and then swarm it, so just maybe... If you were pro in your co-ordination...

    But anyway, I'm mainly asking what the best 100% clear-time you know of is, as well as any rushing strategies anyone may have used to improve their …

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  • CrusaderYaamni

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  • CrusaderYaamni

    Hm... Can anyone come up with an interesting idea for a Final Boss to Pikmin 3?

    As a member of Fantendo, a wikia dedicated to making fan games based on Nintendo games and consoles, I find it interesting to think about how they might handle the Final Boss in this game, or even Bosses in general. I guess it's also the way I like to play games... It's generally something dramatic or epic that catches my attention in a game, especially something like the way Kingdom Hearts handles bosses.

    But further onto my point, does anyone have any interesting ideas on a Boss or even the Final Boss that they think would be interesting or cool to see?

    For me, I picture it as a Snagret-type enemy this time around... I'm not sure why, but I feel that it might be…

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