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  • CraftedPbody

    I was recently in a skype call with JPM and we were discussing a miniboss idea I had.

    The boss would be an Aracnode and It would be almost tarantula like. I had the idea that it would shead its exoskeleton as you kill it, it then climbs up the tree and there would be aracnode eggs and aracnodes. Its final form would be an ordinary aracnode. (more updates soon)

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  • CraftedPbody

    One of my DLC ideas

    March 11, 2014 by CraftedPbody

    One of my ideas that I have for a Pikmin 3 DLC is a pack for the story mode, kind of acting as a direct sequal to Pikmin 3.


    The DLC will include Captain Olimar, Captain Louie (obtained slightly late), the President, and (in the Beginning) Alph (only until an event later in the story)

    Plot / Goal

    At first the goal of the game will be to retreave Louie since in the end of Pikmin 3, he escapes. The second goal is to repair the S.S. Hocotate. The third and last goal is to fulfill the debt, supposedly caused by the President.

    Story / Intro

    Olimar will return to his home planet, hocotate, where he meets up with the President, meanwhile Alph, Charlie, and Brittany, are all standing behind (they came with Olimar to explain what happened to Olimar …

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